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Some small appliances that have no motor of their own may be drill-powered, such as small pumps, grinders, etc.Drills with pistol grips are the most common type in use today, and are available in a huge variety of subtypes.The gimlet is also worth mentioning as it is a scaled down version of an auger.In the East, churn drills were invented as early as 221 BC during the Chinese Qin Dynasty, Also worth briefly discussing are the early drill presses; they were machine tools that derived from bow-drills but were powered by windmills and water wheels.This would have rudimentarily consisted of a pointed rock being spun between the hands to bore a hole through another material.This led to the hand drill, a smooth stick, that was sometimes attached to flint point, and was rubbed between the palms.This was used by many ancient civilizations around the world including the Mayans.Bow drill (strap-drills) are the first machine drills, as they convert a back and forth motion to a rotary motion, and they can be traced back to around 10,000 years ago.

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The usage of bow-drills was widely spread through Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, during ancient times and is still used today.

In 1917 the first trigger-switch, pistol-grip portable drill was patented by Black & Decker. Over the last century the electric drill has been created in a variety of types and multiple sizes for an assortment of specific uses.

There are many types of drills: some are powered manually, others use electricity (electric drill) or compressed air (pneumatic drill) as the motive power, and a minority are driven by an internal combustion engine (for example, earth drilling augers).

The hollow-borer tip, first used around the 13th century, consisted of a stick with a tubular shaped piece of metal on the end, such as copper.

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This allowed a hole to be drilled while only actually grinding the outer section of it.

Drill presses consisted of the powered drills that could be raised or lowered into a material, allowing for less force by the user.

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