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At an exhibition, Jens Ekornes saw a British mattress whose interior consisted of a large number of springs linked together on both sides by steel coils.He understood that this system could also be applied to his own mattresses.As soon as he got home he started to try this concept with factory foreman Nils Sjøholt, and before long they created the first Svane mattress.This was followed quickly by new products, new factories and a steadily increasing workforce.He also brought back an expert from the USA who helped set up the new machinery and train people in its operation. This created an important element in the manufacturing process of Ekornes' own mattresses and furniture, as well as production for sale on the open market.1947 The factory began to manufacture the wooden furniture components needed for sofa beds and mattress bases. 1962 Ekornes Fetsund was established outside Oslo for the manufacture and production of mattresses and furniture.Jens Ekornes then bought American machinery for the production of upholstered spring mattresses.

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For the first time, furniture was launched with a brand name.Once the production of the springs was established, the company began to manufacture mattresses as well.