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17-Dec-2017 17:50

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Although the cosmetics changed, the circuits remained unaltered from the blackface circuits on these early silverface amps.

The date of the change from the blackface circuit to the CBS silverface circuit was dependent on the model, but most of the amps that were modified received the circuit change by mid-year of 1968.

The early silverface amps can be identified by the aluminum trim strip around the perimeter of the grill, the silver and blue grill, and black vertical lines silk-screened onto the front of the control panel.

The aluminum trim was retained through late 1969, though we speculate a few early 1970 amps may have had the grill trim as well.

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Tilt back legs with serial numbers were used only on the speaker cabinets of piggyback amps.For example, a chassis stamp of 1831 must be read backward to reveal the date, in this case week 13 of 1981.If you see a chassis stamp and you don't have any other dating info, please send it along with the serial number and model name to us, thanks!Another interesting feature of the silverface amps is the change in chassis dates.

Many blackface amps were stamped with a date code on the inside of the chassis.

These read something like T020366 or F034267 where the "66" and "67" denote the year and the "03" and "42" denote week of the year.

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