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15-Nov-2017 21:13

The last time I had done a number port...took 3 days but the old service continued to work right up to the switch. (neither Lingo or Vonage had local Manhattan, KS numbers...which I needed since I was working for the state, which required I be reachable as a local call.)The monthly charges for "DID - Personal Unlimited" and "North America Basic (120 minutes)" is about 2/3's what I was paying for Broadvoice BYOD...I later added a "DID - Dirt Cheap DID" and setup 'distinctive ring for my fax machine'...that once a blue moon when I need it (though I've used it a bit more than that in recent times...out of work since Jan 15th...)In the meantime, Broadvoice charge appears on my card for Feb7-Mar6... I appeal and it is removed...Broadvoice charges me for Mar7-Apr6....dispute then appeal again.

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I was trying to get fax working with the OBI110, but had moved it (temporarily) to my 'network closet' to replace the PAP2T...(decided to leave it there, so it can use my AT&T Home Connect for failover.) Not sure if T.38 Fax capability of the OBI200 get's used..have sent a number of faxes successfully, and received some test ones.Even though they are one of the approved provider for Obi Hai devices.

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