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The film crew was just NYU students who had no idea what they were signing up for and none of them got paid, obviously.I got these big orange stickers and I said, ‘GG, look at this.All Music and G4TV's That's Tough have called him "the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history" and the "toughest ... GG Allin trafficked in vicious lyrics, noise, and spectacle.GG, I just think there was a disconnect there from when he was really young. I think the alcohol exacerbated it but it was self-medicating to some extent, but in a weird way.I think it backfired a lot of times.” That performance where GG sticks a banana up his butt and throws it into the crowd? “About a month before we did the GG thing, there were these posters all over NYU that said ‘Henry Speaks,’ and it was Henry Rollins doing one of his things where he reads from one of his books and it was pretty cool and all.“[GG’s final show] was the biggest most epic show ever, I’m taking pictures, we go and he was trying to hail a cab because the police were looking for him.

“I think GG either had schizophrenia or bipolar or some actual undiagnosed condition because Merle is actually really normal – you can have a real conversation with him, he’s very business-minded and concerned about money and the band getting paid and scheduling the tours.

RR Auction adds that the dress was also “worn on stage by guitarist Chris Brokaw during the only live performance of the band GG Allin & The Aids Brigade at Cambridge’s Middle East Cafe on August 27, 1989.” Allin died of an overdose in 1993.