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26-Oct-2017 06:50

‘It appears being a Christian is not working on this site.

And any of the men I am interested in have probably viewed my profile, discovered that I’m over 30, and clicked off.’ Said friend is 39, and beautiful.

This was confirmed by a survey conducted by OKCupid, which suggested that on average, men aged 20–50 prefer to date a girl in her early 20s.

Despite having limited the age to 41 on my own filter, the ‘Daddios’ – as old as 57 – were flooding into my inbox.

After the painstaking process of answering 120 questions, I finally began to get matched.

I had selected men in the age range 28–41, and was paired with quite a few.

According to Pew Research, one in five Americans aged 25–34 have used online dating, and it’s also popular with older singles.

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I’m not sure what I’m more perturbed by – that OKCupid set me up with a woman, or the fact that she was into video gaming.

I also roped in two girlfriends based in London, who are also single, and in their 30s.

They agreed to take on the world of online dating from home in the UK.

The three of us had never had an issue with our age, until men on these sites started to highlight it – be it in messages, in conversation, or in their lock-down filters for girls under 29.

This process has made me aware that women are often more accepting of age than men are.

I might ask her for the number of her colourist though.

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