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23-Aug-2017 10:57

Zoe Fitzgerald (20), Darci Miller (24) and Conor Mc Laughlin (19) were chosen for the program after demonstrating a willingness to go the extra mile for their communities.Youth Minister Peter Tinley urged all 12 WA delegates to maximise the opportunities offered by visiting each other’s countries.“The Hong Kong-Western Australia IYEP is a wonderful cross-cultural engagement initiative that is designed to nurture relations between WA and China,” he said.“I am confident the exchange program will offer experiences and perspectives that can be used by all the delegates to strengthen the foundations of their future education and career goals.”Last month, WA hosted 12 delegates from Hong Kong as part of the initiative, which the State contributes ,000 toward each year.This week, she went on the record to lament the fact that young Hongkongers don’t get to have much sex.

Earlier this year, another Hong Kong national and Malaysian man were jailed over the smaller amount that was found in the city.You are not allowed to leave the city during those three days, but there is plenty to keep you interested.