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Since 1999 surveys have been conducted in northeast Luzon (van Weerd 2000, 2002; van Weerd and van der Ploeg 2003; Tarun at Lake Sebu in Southern Mindanao and 36 captive raised juveniles from Mindanao stock were released in Paghongawan marsh or Siargao island protected landscape off the north coast of Mindanao (Mercado . Subsequent surveys failed to find more crocodiles and the adult Philippine crocodile population on Dalupiri probably consists of at most one pair. In 2002 four captive were found in a mini-zoo in Bangued, Abra Province, Cordillera Mountains, and the source of these animals was identified as Binungan River in the municipality of Tineg, Abra (Manalo 2008).Field surveys recorded tracks of 12 juvenile and two sub-adult crocodiles in a limestone stretch of the river with caves at 850 m above sea level. It is likely that a small population continues to survive here.An adult was caught and released in Po River in Maconacon in 2005.A small breeding population permanently occupies Divilacan River, where two juveniles were caught and released in 2009.In 1992, in northwest Mindanao, the CFI caught a wild sub-adult in Lanao del Sur (locality and municipality unknown), a sub-adult in the municipality of Malabang, Lanao del Sur, an adult in Lanao del Norte (locality and municipality unknown) and a hatchling in the municipality of Bonifacio (Misamis Occidental) (Rebong and Sumiller 2002).

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If the observed population recovery continues favourably, the non-hatchling Philippine crocodile population in San Mariano is expected to reach 100 individuals in 2010.

A reported nest of a palustrine crocodile on Palawan (Schultze 1914) probably refers to remains rare, although much more information on the current distribution and status have become available since 1998. Ross (1982) and Ross and Alcala (1983) has also inventoried museum specimen collection localities, which provide the best source of information on the historical distribution of crocodiles in the Philippines. (1987) collected information on crocodiles on Negros.

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