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14-Jan-2018 20:33

I have devices sending syslog, but the /var/adm/messages file is not updating anymore. I wanted to change the location of where the messages are being logged to a SAN drive.1) Made a backup of 2) Edited the file to change the 2 lines sending messages to /var/adm/messages to another path (maintaining the correct tabs, etc) 3) Refreshed the service using the "kill -HUP " command If I try to restart the service using the the command "svcadm restart svc:/system/system-log:default", I see this error in the messages file: Mar 31 tnsp03350 syslogd: going down on signal 15 Mar 31 tnsp03350 syslogd: Unable to bind syslog port for Does this mean anything?# ifdef(`LOGHOST', , /dev/sysmsg From googling, I read that one of the correct ways to do this was to rename or copy the messages file, then restart the service which is what I did.This is one of the links I used as a guide, although there were many: Solaris System Admin tips: /var/adm/messages I'm sure there was some hardening done, but that would have been done before I got access to the box.We have several Centos installations and they all appear to be substantially similar if not identical installs. The /etc/file appears to be the default created at install.We have verified that the syslog service is running.

I have already rebooted the host machine as well, and restarted v Sphere client multiple times.

TEMP: Permission denied You see it is checking time and failing to open a file.

But, obviously there is not permissions issue on writing to /var/log/messages or these log entries wouldn't be there.

There is one file from several weeks ago that has about a dozen lines but that is the only file.

syslog is not updating-81

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The file permissions match that of every other Linux box we are using so I don't think it is a file permission. syslog appears to be rotating logs normally but nothing is getting logged. Please let me know if anyone would like additional information.

Update Values" for object "Esx Host Adv Settings-54" on v Center Server "server-name" failed.

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