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25-Jun-2017 20:27

“Saturdays are for sleeping in and giant cups of coffee and brunch,”; she says.

“Breakfast dates with my friends, who are mostly outside of the skating world and are the most understanding and supportive people, are the absolute best treat.

However, in most cases when elite athletes come out of retirement, they do so because nothing else in their lives fills the incredible void once occupied by accolades and applause.

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“That’s a powerful message – and I hope I can take that into whatever I end up doing post skating. We don’t really have anything to prove and that’s very refreshing.”; But it’s not all about training and skating, Virtue is trying to get some much-needed balance in her life by making the most of her downtime.

But in all honesty, there never was a void to fill for Virtue and Moir.

In fact, one can go as far to say, they’reback on the ice for all of the right reasons.

Skating superstar Tessa Virtue is back on the ice with partner Scott Moir, working towards the 2018 Olympics in North Korea.

For the busy Virtue, it’s all about keeping a balance, both on and off the ice.As accomplished professional athletes, they have nothing to prove to anyone but themselves.