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06-Dec-2017 14:50

The Dutch woman shouts “jump” and the Dutchman says “how high dear? The stressed Dutchman running over to his bossy partner who staring at him with withering contempt shouts “I SAID PETERSELIE (Parsley) THAT’S MINT, IDIOOT!!! I think it’s fair to say that there are two attitudes towards feminism in the UK.

There’s the right on, PC, sociology graduate types, who learned in university that if they made the right noises about women’s rights that they’d end up in bed with feminists.

When it comes to flirting, Dutch men can be brutal.

They believe that the best way to get a lady out of her comfortable clothes is to hurl insults like throwing darts at a board until one of them hits the bullseye. Some examples of Dutch men flirting are below:“Were you planning to go to a wedding after our date?

Huge towering tall men holding dainty little glasses of beer.

You’ll rarely see a drunken Dutchman (with the exception of King’s Day or after euthanizing a relative) as it would take them days to get drunk on the tiny little biertjes they drink.

In fact the only common ground we share is language which I’ll come to later.

Which is firmly pressed into the ground, under the dangerously flat shoes of Dutch women.The great thing in the UK is that you can never feel like an alcoholic, as the average consumption of booze is so high.If like the Shallow Man you only drink a few glasses of wine during an evening out, that’s practically the behavior of a teetotaler.He didn’t get the joke, which brings me to the subject of today’s post, five differences between British and Dutch men.

The British and the Dutch have about as much in common as Kim Kardashian and talent.

So in that sense, British and Dutch men do have something in common.

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