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At another station, I was told, "I would not hire a woman to do sports even over my dead body." I heard, "Our audience will not accept a female sportscaster." "I can't have you here around all the men." "Our main sports guy won't go for it."My father and I were jogging one day after I graduated, and I just was like, "Dad, I'm running into all these brick walls." He said, "You only need one person to say yes." He also suggested I try radio. There are still jobs in my business that have always been occupied by a man.

There are so many more radio stations than there are television stations. I had to drive in the dark through a landscape covered with cows. I think I'm qualified for a handful of really great opportunities that are still unexplored.

Every summer during college, I would get an unpaid internship and a paid job waitressing at a chain called Houston's. One summer I worked at a station in Houston, another in South Bend.

I also had a paid job as a stage manager for Notre Dame football's TV broadcast, and I hosted a sports program on our college radio station.

By the time I was a senior, I did reporting for the local NBC station.

No women were going into sports broadcasting at the time [in the 1980s]. There wasn't really a road map for what I wanted to do. I took about half of what I had been making because I saw a lot of opportunity and potential.

He originally enrolled at UC Santa Barbara in hopes of joining the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos men's water polo team, He worked in television as a producer for Galaxy Productions before moving onto 20th Century Fox.

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I gained a unique understanding of the business side of sports. I'm very comfortable with people I've never met, and it reflects in my interviewing today. Her father, Mike Storen, was a high-level sports executive, and her mother played competitive basketball in college.But when she began pursuing a career in broadcast sports, she was met with closed doors – and more than a little bit of sexism.He has previously worked as the news anchor for ABC's Good Morning America, a sports anchor for NBC Sports and Today, and was a co-anchor for the live telecast of ESPN's morning edition of Sports Center.

After graduating from Loyola High School of Los Angeles, Elliott attended the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Joined by Lara Spencer, he also anchored Good Afternoon America, an afternoon spin-off broadcast from July 9 to September 7, 2012 as a temporary replacement for ABC's cancelled talk show The Revolution.

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